Senior Staff Application

This form is only for Senior Staff applicants to Rainbow Lake. If you are interested in applying for Senior Staff at OuR Island, please contact Dan Wolfenden at as soon as possible.

A Senior Staff has many expectations over the course of the summer and job specific skills. They are a staff that has not only demonstrated excellence in a previous position and have a specific skill set, but also have demonstrated skills and potential in problem solving, use of good judgment, role modeling, communication and leadership with their co-workers. Senior Staff are a smaller, yet seamless staff team that sets the tone and the foundation to be a part of the larger summer staff team. They are involved in staff and environment management on top of their regular staff responsibilities. They are “the go-to” individuals that will take on anything, invest in it whole-heartedly without complaint, are the catalyst that strives for a bigger and better summer, and are constantly looking to learn everyday at camp and about themselves and others.

If you think you may fit this description and then some, complete the following application and return it by January 9th 2017.


All Sr. Staff are expected to commit to the duration of their contract. Arriving late or leaving early may not make you eligible for a Sr. Staff position. The beginning and end of the summer is one of the most important times for a Sr. Staff to be available. If time off is requested that does not fit with the summer schedule and your responsibilities as a Sr. Staff your agreed contract may become null and void.

  • Coordinator Contract Dates: June 4th to August 27th
  • Asst. Coordinator Contract Dates: June 6th to August 27th

Coordinator Positions

  • Activities Coordinator
  • Quest Coordinator & Cabin Head
  • Intern Coordinator & Cabin Head
  • Volunteer Coordinator & Cabin Head

Assistant Coordinator Positions

  • Head Guard & Cabin Head (NLS)
  • Assistant Quest Coordinator & Cabin Head
  • Assistant Intern Coordinator & Cabin Head
  • TLP Cabin Head & Group Leader
  • Group Leader & Cabin Head (NLS preferred)