Quest Program Application 2018

A Quest to discover and grow...
A Quest to develop leadership...
A Quest to learn counseling skills...
& have the adventure of a lifetime!

What is Quest?

The Quest program offers a chance to build leadership skills, get to know your strengths, how to be effective in a working group and an experiential learning program like no other! It is a chance to be at camp in a different role than a camper. You will be accepting a higher level of responsibility and independence while benefiting from the support and guidance that camp can provide.

Where is the Quest Program?

The Quest program is offered twice at Rainbow Lake and once at OuR Island.

What will I be doing during the Quest Program?

During the 11 or 7 days in Quest you will be participating in leadership workshops, sessions to learn about working within a group and with children, have a chance to job shadow positions at camp, a chance to plan and run programs and enjoy camp activities. Participants are no longer campers, they are “Questers” and a higher level of responsibility and maturity is expected.

Interested? All you need to do is fill out the form below before February 4th, 2018. You must also be at least 16 years of age before December 31st, 2018.

I will love thisI will like thisI am not excited for thisI won't like this
You will be responsible for running a campfire
You will participate in classroom-style training workshops
You will spend very little time doing the fun camp activities
You will have more freedom
There will be higher expectations of you
You will be helping in the younger cabins at rest periods
You will "job shadow" staff and work with the younger campers