Nurse Application

Camp Trillium is a unique and special place that relies on each staff member to invest in the lives of children and families living with childhood cancer. This is not just a summer job... it is so much more!

So are you in for the experience of a lifetime? All you need to do is complete the following application. This application is for both our sites: Rainbow Lake & OuR Island.

Summer 2019 Programs

Here is a list of camp programs and dates for the summer season of 2019.

Rainbow Lake - Waterford, ON

  • Family Camp Long Weekend: June 28 - July 1
  • Family Camp 2: July 2 - 6
  • Kids Camp 1: July 10 - 16
  • Kids Camp 2: July 20 - 26
  • Kids Camp 3: July 30 - August 5
  • Family Camp 3: August 9 - 13
  • Family Camp 4: August 16 - 20
  • Family Camp 5: August 21 - 25

OuR Island - Bloomfield, ON

  • FULL
A Little About Yourself

Please respond thoroughly and thoughtfully. This is an opportunity to let us know any additional information that is not found on your resume that would make you an outstanding candidate.


We check 3 references on every applicant that is interviewed. At least 2 of your references must be work-related. We will not check references until the interview has been completed. If you do not have or have not contacted your references at this time please do not worry. We will request the reference information at interviews as well.

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